Balcony Garden

Balcony pending vertical external container garden landscaping brings to your home an amazing outdoor design and all-in-one solution for high positioned apartments. It is a new DIY project started in 2011, and this type of approach was used already for million dollar value appartments in Milan, called “Il bosco verticale” (“Vertical forest”, the Milan residence project, that won in 2014 ‘International Highrise Award’ in Frankfurt, Germany). Our present project makes the idea of “green external garden at home” suitable even for normal apartments and houses. Don’t you dream to have your garden installed on your balcony?

We have projected and constructed a new version of a balcony garden, consisting in creation of garden space in pending position outside the balcony. Large box planters fixed behind balcony rails represent multi advantages for modern flat interior design, thus permitting to obtain some main benefits:

  1. To have your garden as an entire unit, where you can plant your little green world as decorative and useful as you like.
  2. All the garden space is situated outside the balcony, permitting in this way to have all free space for you and not be disturbed by the presence of pots and planters, that govern its interior and limit its design.
  3. The Balcony pending external garden is a perfect mean to prevent falls from windows and balconies, solving in this way the safety problem. They prevent from accidental heights fall of children, that is the main cause of child’s death, avoiding fall victims of being permanently disabled or disfigured and a risk of fatal unintentional injury, trauma, to be bodily harm, and thus to assure kids health and safe, and that they cannot be hurted and damaged, and to avoid tragedy. 

The fourth important feature depends on what kind of material is used for the planter construction. If it is aluminium, at least 2 mm thick in sheets, that is very light material, then your property can be also partially protected against the ultrasonic attack from external sources. 

Before the construction of this pending external garden it is important to respect weight limit warnings for balconies. Ensure your balcony is in good repair. While balcony collapse is extremely rare, the first step to ensuring balcony safety is checking there are no cracks, loose poles or rails and if there are, arranging for the repairs immediately, and to ask for technical expertise to estimate possibility to append such containers outside the balcony railings. Be sure that your balcony railing is sturdy. The weight of soil is not very high. The containers have to be about 60 cm large and it is better they are not more than 2 m long each. They can be from 15 cm to 25 cm high. They can be also permanently fixed under your windows.                                                              

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