Our consultancy and coaching are aimed to help persons, who have health and life problems, caused by the abusive ultrasonic presence, to overcome them and to find a peaceful life without such kind of troubles. We can help to identify the presence of the ultrasonic beams in your home and to elaborate efficient methods of protection against the ultrasonic hazard or to eliminate the source of it completely.

Our coaching will help you to elaborate a new life approach in unusual conditions and to become capable to understand deeply reasons of your internal problems and to turn back efficient in your job and life.

As the ultrasonic hazard is nowadays widely diffused and the most people are not ready to struggle with it, then it is extremely important to become savvy in this matter, so that to save your health and money. People are used to believe to advices of physicians and the mass media content, but unfortunately, they cannot help you in the case of the ultrasonic cause of your troubles, because they simply are not informed in this matter!

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Nadezda Mikusova has the master degree in Chemistry, 10 years of work experience as a scientist, – scientific researcher in Organic Chemistry, post-graduate work fulfilled, 10 years of experience as a specialist in ultrasonic abusive presence. She is the author of the e-book “Ultrasonic wars or fighting against the sound of silence and living without pain”. She participated in numerous international scientific conferences and can offer personal consultancy as well as public lectures, regarding ultrasonic abuse phenomenon.

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