SOS fashion

Nadia Mikushova Services elaborates fashion apparel to protect the human body against its damage by hazardous ultrasonic beams.

Please contact us, if you want to be efficiently protected against pain, skin cut, face deformation, heart troubles, abnormal muscle contractions and other troubles and to remain healthy, wearing when necessary the styled pieces for body protection.

The body protection can be created also for dogs and cats, when necessary.

If you have any question, or you need our consultancy or coaching to prevent artificially created diseases, please contact us on this website or write to our e-mail:

Here are being presented some of our SOS fashion models

This is a covering to protect the upper part of the body, and in particular, shoulders, upper arms, breast and the back.

It is easy to manage in any situation.

It also has the slightly warming effect and has perfect screening against the abusive freezing action on a human body.

Nadezda MIkusova. SOS fashion. Means of personnel body protection against the ultrasonic hazard.

This protective hat is very useful in spaces with the presence of abusive targeted ultrasonic beams on the head.

This hat helps to maintain a good mental concentration and be productive even in hazardous ultrasonic environments.

I personally use such a protective hat for almost 10 years and it helped me always a lot to have a good attention, clearness in thinking process and the lack of pain, that is typical for hazardous ultrasonic environments, that can lead to brain destruction and the loss of memory (dementia) in a long term.

This is a sleeping hat made always of the same efficient protective material against hazardous ultrasonic attacks during the night hours.

This is a protection for a neck: a large scarf and a ring inside. It helps to prevent any ultrasonic attack on the neck and escape from the loss of voice especially.

This is an efficient protection of the neck and the lower part of the head especially against the beams arriving from the ground or similar directions.

This cut protective ring is very efficient in its manipulation around the neck.

There are many other protective models, that can be used for the body protection.

But what is the ultrasonic hazard? Look at these photos below. They were shot during the last years. They show perforations of the human body through the air, when ultrasonic vibrations enter violently into the human body, causing the holes formation in it. The shape of perforations are in perfect similarity with the kind of a piezoelectric cable on the photo below, that was installed in places, where the perforated body was present. These cables can be manipulated also with the high-voltage tensity of 3000 V! So, you can imagine why all this happens!

High-voltage white color cable attached to water service line.