Russian-English conversation phrases course for beginners.

Have you ever dreamed to travel to Russia? To see Moscow, St. Petersburg, cities of the Russian Golden Ring? To make a 7 days long comfortable trip in a train sleeper coach to the Russian Far East (Trans-Siberian Railroad tour)? Or may be you have an idea to start your business in Russia? Are you inspired by the world famous Russian literature? – Whatever will be your desire, it’ s better to know some phrases in Russian language if you plan to make a trip to the largest country of the world. Everybody will advise you to know at least several Russian phrases to be able to feel yourself psychologically free and to be perfectly accepted by the  friendly Russian people.  The Russian language course, we offer here, will help you to learn rapidly the most frequently used phrases and to acquire the magic capability to express yourself in Russian language without any other help, – so necessary for everyday life in Russia. The listed in the downloadable textbook Russian phrases are translated into English for your comodity and a better comprehension. All sentences are pronounced by a native Russian speaker and they represent a typical Russian way of talking. Your task will be to listen to the speech passively and when you are ready to repeat them consciously, you will make the best job in your learning process, based on the natural way of learning, that is used by all children of the world!

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Moscow monument to Minin and Pozharskij
Sleeper coaches Russian train.
Folklore interior with a Russian traditional stove in a Russian restaurant.
Russian malossol sturgeon black caviar
Russian conserved malossol salmon caviar. Product by Shalanda