Russian Language Course

Have you ever dreamed to travel to Russia, to see Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the cities of the Russian Golden Ring; to make Trans Siberian train tour (the weekly Trans-Mongolian train leaves Moscow for Beijing and the 7,621 km (4,735 miles) long journey takes 6 nights. This train crosses Siberia, cuts across Mongolia and the Gobi desert, then enters China)? Or may be you have an idea to start your business in Russia? Are you inspired by the world famous Russian literature? – Whatever will be your dream, it’ s better to know some phrases of the Russian language to start your linguistic journey. Everybody will advise you to know at least several Russian phrases to be able to feel yourself psychologically free and to be perfectly accepted by the friendly Russian people.

The offered here Russian language conversational course will help you to learn quickly the most frequently used phrases and to start to express yourself in the Russian language useful for the everyday life. All the given Russian phrases are translated into English. The free video course offered as a bonus to this e-book represents the reading word by word of all the Russian words by the native Russian speaker. The approach is based on memorizing of different phrases by passively listening to a speaker, following the synchronized subtitles in English and then by repeating exactly what was heard. This is an easy, quick and fun way of learning of a foreign language. This approach will help to learn the everyday Russian language in no time.

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